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     As cute as some of these critters are, they can pose imminent dangers to your home, by chewing on electrical wires, ripping out insulation, and causing damage to the interior and exterior soffits, siding, and sometimes foundation. Our wildlife experts are here to ensure not only your safety, but the safety of the animals as well. Every job includes an inspection, animal removal, and exclusion at the time of completion. Any animals trapped, are safely relocated and/or rehabilitated. Our wildlife services ensure all animals are humanely treated and cared for in our stress free thermal cages.

 Signs of Unwanted Guests:

Sounds— The patter of footsteps in the attic could signal a raccoon. Scratching noises from that same area could mean bats or squirrels. A rustling sound in the walls could mean mice. A skittering sound as you enter the garage could also mean a mouse or rat diving for cover. Sometimes, these sounds are so faint or sporadic it’s hard to tell if they’re real. But if you (or other members of your household) hear them periodically, it’s worth investigating.

Sights—Do you see evidence of an animal nesting in your house? It could be nests built in the attic or in a quiet corner of the basement. It could be a few droppings in a kitchen drawer or in a linen closet, or indentations that look like teeth marks along wood, or plastic.

Smells—Many animals, such as mice and rats emanate a musty smell. Their urine and accumulated droppings also contribute to a noticeable smell. If you notice an unusual smell, especially one that is present in a closet or usually closed off room, call us to take a closer look!

Wildlife Services: