Cockroaches are one of the oldest and most adaptable insects known to man. Certain species have learned to scavenge and grow solely from human food sources. They like dark, moist places with easy access to food. The kitchen is the most common place for infestation.


Cockroaches are not only a nuisance, but they bring with them many health concerns:


  • They make pre-existing conditions such as asthma worse.

  • Their bodies and body parts can produce allergic reactions in some humans.

  • Their secretions leave behind unpleasant odors.

  • They can transport disease causing bacteria and viruses on their bodies.

The German Cockroach is the most prevalent species in Colorado. It has the highest reproductive rate of all house dwelling cockroaches.  Brown-banded, American, and Oriental cockroaches are also commonly found.

Signs of Cockroaches:


Egg Shells: Check behind your books or plates on shelves for small dark brown cases.


Shed Skin: Check along the walls for molted skin, often times you will find complete body casings. 


Droppings: Cockroach fecal matter often looks like small black sand. The larger the roach, the larger the droppings. 


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